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== Next Meeting: Dr Gary McLean, '''A Cure for the Common Cold?''' ==
== Next Meeting: Dr Gary McLean, '''Towards vaccine for the Common Cold?''' ==
'''November 28, 2018'''
'''November 28, 2018'''

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Next Meeting: Dr Gary McLean, Towards vaccine for the Common Cold?

November 28, 2018

Gary McLean is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Airway Disease Infection Section of the National Heart and Lung Institute.

His prior research on blood cell development, immune responses to human viral pathogens and molecular studies of antibody generation were performed in North America.

Currently his research investigates immune responses to rhinovirus infections and the role of microvesicles in the spread of respiratory viral infections - the aim of his research is to generate novel therapeutic interventions or a protective vaccine to rhinovirus.

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October 28th Dr Gary McLean Towards a Vaccine for the Common Cold

2019 Programme

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