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A Special Invitation to Members of Our Group

2019 Programme

Provisional dates for future meetings are as follows:

February || 12th || Dr Alan Costley || Small-scale Nuclear Fusion.
Month Day of Month Speaker Title
March 12th Kevlin Henney When Software Fails and What It Means for the Rest of Us
April 2nd Robert Plomin ''Blueprint'': How DNA makes us who we are
May 7th Dmitry Kaminskiy Longevity
June 4th Emrah Düzel Memories are made of this
September 11th Nessa Carey Hacking the Genetic Code - How Gene Editing Will Rewrite Our Futures
October 1st Sheena Cruickshank Immunology
November 5th

We hope to have meetings on a range of topics including Immunology, the Dark Net, Big Data (including the Chinese Social Credit system), and Dark Matter but final speakers and dates have yet to be confirmed.